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Membership Requirements

  • Requirements for memebership of the National Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia: the candidate must meet one of the following requirements (A), (B) or (C) to become a member.

  • (A) Have completed a bodywork training program that covers at least the following core courses:
    100 Hours Chinese Medical Theory
    70 Hours Observed clinical practice
    100 Hours Western anatomy & physiology
    70 Hours Other, such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong
    50 Hours Continuing education, this must include First Aid, CPR and business, legal and ethical considerations.

    Attach a copy of the transcript from the school you graduated, with a total of at least 500 clock Hours, which includes the above listed 390 Hours core courses.

  • (B) Has worked professionally in a state that did not require formal education for the practice of Asian Bodywork. The practitioner learned the trade as an apprentice. The professional has practiced Asian Bodywork for at least 10 hours a week for ten or more years, or at least 20 hours a week for five or more years or at least 40 hours a week for two and half or more years. Applicant must submit to a signed affidavit indicating that they have worked professionally as Asian Bodyworker for ten, five or two and half or more years with the required weekly hours. Please include details such as what you learned and names and phone number(s) of the people whom you were trained under.

  • (C) Has completed Yoga training consisting at least 600 hours of course work that includes anatomy, physiology, hygiene, sanitation and ethics.

  • In case of problems for Foreign nationals, description of problem or attach an affidavit (for example, in case of problems of Chinese or Russian rules and regulations or lack of). You must provide NOBTA certified translated documents regarding your education, training or practice within 60 days after your membership is approved based on your practical examination which demonstrated your proficiency in Asian Bodywork, failing to do you will result in the cancellation of your membership.

  • I understand that in order to temporally bypass the proof of educational requirements of the governing body, I have submitted to a practical examination intended to demonstrate my proficiency in Asian Bodywork. In order to maintain my membership to the National Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia, I will provide certified copy of official transcript, signed affidavit of training or practice in both English and the original language to the Organization. In addition, I will provide a name and address, email and phone number of a representative who will act on my behalf should any questions arise as to the authentication of any documents.

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